Monday, September 27, 2010

Space Technology: Sun-Synchronous Satellite

Sun-Synchronous Satellite is one of the satellites that moving around the earth and always gets its power source from the sun. It also called a geo-centric which includes altitude and inclination measurement. Due to the satellite is always keeps moving on, so in 24 hours the satellite will pass few countries at the same local solar system (to get solar power from the sun). And this is of course the complete one year of the satellite oscillation, is the direct correlation with actual solar time.

For a geo-stationary satellite, we all know that the purposes are for communication, coordination, TV broadcasting and earth observation. In sun-synchronous satellite case the purpose are mostly for the military and remote sensing. This kind of satellite we can use it for spying other countries.

The picture above showed the track of a sun-synchronous satellite respectively to the earth. Let say you are an American and you have a sun-synchronous satellite. Because of the idea of the satellite keeps moving and cross few countries (ie: Russia,China, Middle East) the satellite will definitely capable to gather some data from that countries and send it back once reached to the original point (America). So the America would know what is going on in other countries. This kind of spy stuff is better than sending a troop over there.

One of the examples that we could use for better understanding is International Space Station (ISS). This station keeps moving over the earth and to get the picture click here. This website will show you the real time of ISS location right now! You may see the movement of a sun-synchronous satellite. In addition, you may find out what are the purposes of a satellite launched to outer space.

This satellite doesn’t have to be equipped by power storage. It is because the satellite will continuously get the power source from the sun (solar). But the sophisticated technology absorbed in this satellite is control system. Due to the satellite keeps moving the most critical aspect is how to control it so the satellite won’t behave ‘crazily’.

The development of space technology is really demanding today. Each country tried to do their best in developing the most advance satellite technology. According to international law, the outer space purpose only may be used for peace however do you think that we might get a war out-side the earth? What if a satellite is created and equipped by bombs? What happen when it cross over to another country? Definitely, the satellite may launch the bomb from outer space and the best part is "where is the bomb comes from?".